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Get more out of your current ERP system with these 5 Tips!

December, 2018

Every organization wants their teams to easily communicate with one another through one common system. The communication flow can be from sales to accounting and from accounting to warehouse managers for successful operations.

  1. Tip 1:

    Train your Users: This is one of the most inevitable elements for successful ERP deployment and utilization. If employees are not trained properly, they will be unable to take full advantage of the tools and features of the ERP and ultimately abandon the system, resorting to manual ways of working because of the frustration. It is advisable to schedule quick e-learning sessions for the users which will save time later on while using the ERP for daily operations.

  2. Tip 2:

    Keep your ERP free of junk data: Analyzing and cleaning your data is essential for keeping your ERP optimized and run smoothly. It is a good idea to perform daily, weekly, or monthly audits to ensure there is no junk data build up as it can result in decreased system performance, slow response time and system lag. Additionally, enrolling a maintenance program offered by your solution provider is an effective way to keep your solution running smoothly.

  3. Tip 3:

    Customize to suit your business needs: Customization is the key to a successful and efficient ERP solution. Typical ERP’s are developed as a one-size-fits-all solution, however, this can result to reduced user productivity, poor quality reporting and user sabotage with the intent to prove the ineffectiveness of the system.To get the most out of your ERP system, work with a software manufacturer who can customize the software for you in terms of adding additional fields and features or hiding unnecessary fields.

  4. Tip 4:

    Look out for Updates/Upgrades: ERP software changes from year to year so that improvements and upgrades can be rolled out. There maybe chances of a recent upgrade which facilitates improvement that no one in your team is aware of. Companies have to make it a point to periodically investigate the latest trends in the sphere of ERP systems as Outdated systems can put companies at risk of security and process optimization.

  5. Tip 5:

    Hire an ERP expert: Different teams within an organization can benefit as a whole to have a designated ERP expert who can take in-depth one-on-one sessions for imparting knowledge on the advanced features of the ERP. The ERP expert can be the go-to person who’s always available to resolve queries & issues.

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