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This Module not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and manufacturing but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review. It provides support for every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of raw materials, through production of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to Customers.

Boost Up Your Quality Levels

Quality is the prime pillar of success for any industry. We at Eazy Business Solutions, ensure that our customers get the best quality product experience Quality revolves around the concept of meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Thus quality control is an essential activity for any business. Product quality is a vital factor for acquiring a large customer base. To expect quality output from the production department a business needs to keep a close check on the quality levels at its various stages of production.

Integration of other departments (Production, purchase and store department) with our quality control module helps a business keep a track of its quality levels at various stages. Thus helping it to detect the quality variance at initial stages, initiate rectification procedures and reduce wastages.

Installing Eazy quality control module is like taking a step ahead to improve quality control across your entire organization.

EAZY ERP also has a feature of inspecting goods that are being manufactured, before stock is updated in respective stores. Our software provides the feasibility to create quality test grades & quality test parameters. These are user defined sections and user can create according to their requirement & process. By using these grades & parameters, user can create various test formulas & apply it on inspecting items as per requirement.


  • First ERP with Tally Integration
  • Extremely easy to Implement and Use
  • Comprehensive in its scope
  • Modular and Flexible
  • Highly Customizable
  • Offline Invoices at Depot / Warehouse
  • Totally Secure and Incredibly Robust
  • Extensive WIP Production Module
  • Advance Requirement Planning (MRP)for Production (In-house) and Job Work
  • Automatic Vender Scheduling and Purchase Indent Generation
  • Repacking, Reprocessing and Replacement of Material
  • In-depth features for Landed Cost Calculation including Post Transaction Costs
  • Unlimited PO Amendment and Tracking
  • Supplementary Invoice for retrospective rate amendments
  • Web base Authorization sitting anywhere in the world
  • Export documentation: ARE,Annexure and Export Sales Invoice

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We at Eazy Business Solutions value our client relationships. Our solutions are designed to address the need of various industry verticals - scaling from low and mid-sized companies to large production and manufacturing establishments.

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