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Broker Management Module is to manage broker sales through Employees as well as Dealers. All the details of Broker & managing the Commission Plans and to provide multiple options for managing payments for Broker as per their commission plan allotted.

Broker Management Helps You To:

  • Broker Contact Management
  • Define multiple Brokerage Scheme & mapping with the Broker
  • Broker wise Unit Hold facility
  • System generates the Brokers Dues
  • Ease in key decisions making with the help of Broker-wise Sales Trend Report
  • Broker Status at glance- Unit Hold vs. Unit Sale
  • Automated calculation of Brokerage Commission


  • Low Cost & Simple Licensing
  • Unlimited users license model
  • Eliminate costs & Inefficiencies
  • Tally Integration
  • User friendly with easy operation Installation
  • Simple Setup / configuration & Upgrade process
  • Easy Data Import facility
  • Export and Analysis Facility
  • Highly customizable
  • Comprehensive in it's scope
  • Totally Secure & Incredibly Robust

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