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Production Management module helps you Plan , Track and Manage efficiently the whole production sphere of your business.

EAZY ERP Manufacturing Module

Production Management is the process of managing products throughout the life cycle. A key Objective for Production Management is Planning and Developing the Specifications for a range of Products or a Product Portfolio that meets a long-term Strategic Plan.

It focuses to produce Goods & Services as per the Estimated Manufacturing, to produce Right Quality of Goods & Services as per the Established Standards and as per decided time schedule.

It also aims at maximizing the utilization of Manpower and minimizing the use of Resources to the Optimum Level.

Production Management includes the process of making BOM (Bill of Material), Store Requisition from Stage, Store Issue, Production & Movement and Quality Inspection.

In short, anything you can expect from a complete Production ERP, is here.


  • Planned Order Schedule
  • Exception Reports
  • Improved Inventory Planning
  • Improved operating efficiencies of Production Departments
  • Acts as a guard to meet uncertainties in Supply & Demand and the movement of Goods
  • Balances Demand & Supply of Goods

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  • First ERP with Tally Integration
  • Extremely easy to Implement and Use
  • Comprehensive in its scope
  • Modular and Flexible
  • Highly Customizable
  • Offline Invoices at Depot / Warehouse
  • Totally Secure and Incredibly Robust
  • Extensive WIP Production Module
  • Advance Requirement Planning (MRP)for Production (In-house) and Job Work
  • Automatic Vender Scheduling and Purchase Indent Generation
  • Repacking, Reprocessing and Replacement of Material
  • In-depth features for Landed Cost Calculation including Post Transaction Costs
  • Unlimited PO Amendment and Tracking
  • Supplementary Invoice for retrospective rate amendments
  • Web base Authorization sitting anywhere in the world
  • Export documentation: ARE,Annexure and Export Sales Invoice

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