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Tally Integrated ERP vs Traditional ERP

December, 2018

In order to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment, information systems need to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible. They also need to provide real-time visibility of transactions across the entire organization and be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business.

Also, with the growth of an organization, information needed to be shared across business boundaries also increases. When a business grows over a period of time, new functionalities are required to be added to their existing systems. With a proper ERP system in place, organizations can prevent inventory shortages because of time being wasted while transferring files manually. A good ERP system also reduces inventory cost due to better planning, and also facilitates the tracking and forecasting of future requirements. In short, ERP systems make all tasks simple and smooth as far as inventory tracking, order tracking, revenue tracking, production tracking, inventory management, production management and sales forecasting are concerned.

There are many kinds of ERPs available in the market for various business needs. Though, most of ERP softwares comprises of comprehensive modules for every department like store, sales purchase, production, quality control & finance, in our experience, we have concluded that for any manufacturing setup or any company in general the most important department is Finance/ Accounts. Even a small error in the accounts entry can lead to a huge loss for the company. That is why utmost importance is given in maintaining the financial records of the companies.

In India, about 90% of the businesses run their accounting on Tally. This is because a majority of CA’s find Tally more comfortable than any other available software. Organization’s dependence on Tally is to such extent that companies prefer to maintain their accounting in Tally even after using a ‘traditional’ ERP software which unfortunately, leads to maintaining duplicate data manually and wastage of a lot of important man hours as a result.

This issue had lead to the emergence of tally integrated ERP such as Eazy ERP which does not have a Finance module of its own and instead integrates with the existing tally of the business for managing all the balance sheets, P & L account etc so that the organizations don’t have to waste time in maintaining duplicate records.

Some benefits of using Tally integrated ERP as opposed to Traditional ERP are:

  1. 1.

    Reduced Change Management: Tally integrated ERP facilitates a smooth implementation in your organization without the need of disturbing your financial department operations while letting you focus all your attention on streamlining your operations.

  2. 2.

    Tally Integration: Eazy ERP is 100 % legally integrated with Tally that allows smooth information flow between ERP & Tally seamlessly without any human intervention.

  3. 3.

    No duplication of effort: Your Accounts department can enjoy the benefits and comfort of using the Tally Integrated software and ultimately save time that otherwise was getting wasted in maintaining duplicate records.

  4. 4.

    Unlimited User License: EAZY ERP has open source database therefore there is no limitation in terms of licensing cost. You don’t have to worry about adding new users as your business progresses.

  5. 5.

    Tally Advantage: Eazy ERP also offers a wide gamut of modules, features and add-ons that are not available in Tally, as discussed below:

    1. A.

      Authorization: You can set authorization rules as per individual designation, role and responsibility of the user with Eazy ERP.

    2. B.

      PO Amendments: In Eazy ERP, Purchase Order amendments can be regulated. Furthermore, you can make mandatory PO approval from designated users.

    3. C.

      Custom Field in output documents: Users can add new custom fields according to their requirement without any extra cost in output documents like PO or Sales Invoice.

    4. D.

      Open Source Database: Can handle large volume of data without any bugs or issues.

    5. E.

      Complete Production Management: While Tally can only track raw materials & finished good, Eazy ERP facilitates multi-stage production management with WIP in its offering.

    6. F.

      Customizable reporting: Eazy ERP provides tabular reporting formats enabling you to enjoy the ease of excel like functionalities such as Filtration, sorting and grouping.

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