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Eazy CRM provides businesses with the tools necessary to improve customer relations and identify marketing advantages. It helps organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing and customer service better and gives employees the ability to satisfy customer needs.

Visit and Appointment

The user can keep record of the upcoming visits and appointments on CRM. Also user can update details about the concerned person and the respective meeting.


Calendar in CRM enables user to create his schedule on Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. This also helps to have record of the important tasks to be done.


  • CRM can be integrated with Eazy ERP and our other products
  • Powerful reporting tool
  • Unique customizable dashboard
  • Eazy user interface
  • Built everlasting Customer Relationships
  • Active Complaint Management

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Our Clients

We at EAZY Business Solutions value our Client relationships. Our ERP Solutions are designed to address the need of various industry verticals - scaling from low and mid-sized companies to large production and manufacturing establishments.
Over the years we’ve served several of our clients mentioned below.