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Eazy PAY software takes the pain out of PF challans making. Now you can take out all PF Challans / Reports / Forms from Eazy PAY. We offer the most comprehensive range of PF reports in the industry. These cover - Monthly Details, Monthly Challan, Form 3A, Form 5, Form 6A, Form 10, Form 12A, Form 10, Form 19, Form 2, Form 7, Form 11, PF Eligibility Register, EDLI List of Employees, EDLI list of Left Employees and PF Statement.

PF Module helps You To Create:

  • PF Master
  • Nominees
  • Challans / Forms
  • Floppy Generation

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We at EAZY Business Solutions value our Client relationships. Our ERP Solutions are designed to address the need of various industry verticals - scaling from low and mid-sized companies to large production and manufacturing establishments.
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