Eazy ERP, Software for tracking secondary sales

Overview - EAZY DMS

EAZY-DMS is a distributor management software for tracking Secondary Sales, up-to end level, helping organizations streamline key factors of channel sales from faster stock replenishment , reduction in inventory carrying costs to better production planning. EAZY-DMS allows you to achieve greater channel visibility without the hassle of changing systems at the distributor's end.

Distributor Management System For Tally.ERP9

Eazy ERP, Software for tracking secondary sales

Traditional Solutions

  • Excel Files, Emails & SMS
  • Physical Reports
  • Web Portals
  • Custom Billing Software
Eazy ERP, Software for channel sales

Pain Area

  • Non Availability of Market Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Consolidation is virtually impossible
  • Misappropriation of Schemes
Eazy ERP, distributor channel tracking

Pain Areas of other DMS

  • Duplication of work for the Distributor
  • Additional software installation required
  • Fresh training required for Distributor
  • Huge Support & license cost

Benefits of Adopting DMS

  • Minimal Change Management
  • Sales Analytics and Trends
  • Stock Out Scenarios
  • Order Management
  • Price Circulation and Control
  • Stock Movement
  • Better Procurement Planning
  • Scheme Management
Eazy ERP, software for destructor sales

Benefits of Using Eazy DMS :

  • Sales Tracking Capability at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level.
  • Seamless visibility across channels.
  • Measure on Real-Time Accurate Sales Data.
  • View on products movement across the channel.
  • Effective Measurement of Target Vs Achievement.
  • Better production planning with actual sales insights.
  • Strong Sales & Marketing Activities based on market demand conditions.
  • Reduced overall sales realization & processing time .
  • Streamlined sales return and scheme settlement .
  • Analyze local market demands and trends.
  • Seamless claim settlements/Scheme settlements.
  • Faster stock replenishment.
  • Create an ecology of happy channel partners.

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Benefits of a Tally Based DMS

  • Minimal Change Management
  • Implementation Speed & Acceptability
  • Service and Local Support via Partner Network
  • Tally Presence - Indirect Benefits of Using Tally
  • Multi Brand Outlet
  • Auto Email of Reports
  • Master Control with Distributor Broadcasting
  • Sales Target and Achievement

Implementation/Rollout Model

Our expertise lies not just in the product, but in the way the rollouts are done on PAN India basis. We are tied up with an extensive network of Tally Partners who would physically visit your Distributor/Dealer and train him on how to use the solution. Due to this expertise we can achieve speeds of even 50-60 rollouts in a month.

Support/Helpdesk Model

A DMS is not complete upon installation. It requires hand holding to cater to the day-to-day queries of the Distributor/Dealer on how to use the system efficiently. We provide helpdesk resources who become the single point of contact for all the issues for your Distributor/Dealer network related to Tally or Eazy DMS


  • Centralization of Data.
  • Independent synchronization process from Tally.
  • Retail Market coverage upto End level.
  • Secondary sales analysis – Product wise ,Distributor wise & Sales Force wise.
  • Scheme Management.
  • Order Management.
  • Leverage to use Tally as an Accounting + Inventory software.
  • Claim Management.
  • Analytical web reports with extended Dashboard.
  • Third party ERP integration.
  • Tertiary order taking through Mobile/TabletApp.
  • Historical data management.
  • Hierarchal reports – Sales Force wise, Distributor/Dealer wise, Zone wise.
  • Data Rollback – Location wise, Period wise, Transaction wise and Period transaction wise.
  • Attribute Management – Item and Ledger Master.
  • Supervision of Distributor/Dealer.

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Our Clients

We at EAZY Business Solutions value our Client relationships. Our ERP Solutions are designed to address the need of various industry verticals - scaling from low and mid-sized companies to large production and manufacturing establishments.
Over the years we’ve served several of our clients mentioned below.

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