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Indonesia is the world's largest island country and has been an important region for trade since at least the 7th century. They have an impressive range of business opportunities influenced by its robust natural resources. Indonesia ran a trade surplus in the year 2016, with total exports and imports of US$140 billion and US$132 billion, respectively, making them a prominent presence in the world economy. ERP is becoming an essential part of all well-organized and effective business. Selecting an ERP Software in Indonesia is an important and imperative decision to improve the productivity of an organization as well as the employees. The key benefits, which helps to expand the productivity of any business are briefly explained below:

Benefits of EazyERP for your Business:

  • Business Process Integration: An ERP System integrates all of your business form customer facing front end, through planning and scheduling, to the production and distribution of the product or services that your business provide.
  • Higher productivity: Business automation makes the business process more efficient and faster. It also frees up people from redundant task and make a proper balance of work.
  • Improved Performance: A proper business automation will ensure the consistency and reduction of duplication and also guarantee that people are working for single purpose, in the different part of the organization. Which confirm the increase in overall performance.
  • Integrates the complete managerial and supply chain: ERP system not only integrates your business, but also integrates your supplier and customer too, to ensure full visibility and efficiency of your managerial and supply chain.

Our Features

  • First ERP with Tally Integration
  • Extremely easy to Implement and Use
  • Comprehensive in its scope
  • Modular and Flexible
  • Highly Customizable
  • Offline Invoices at Depot / Warehouse
  • Totally Secure and Incredibly Robust
  • Extensive WIP Production Module
  • Advance Requirement Planning (MRP)for Production (In-house) and Job Work
  • Automatic Vender Scheduling and Purchase Indent Generation
  • Repacking, Reprocessing and Replacement of Material
  • In-depth features for Landed Cost Calculation including Post Transaction Costs
  • Unlimited PO Amendment and Tracking

We offer a wide range of IT Solutions like ERP Solutions in Indonesia, CRM , DMS , Payroll & Customized Solutions that helps organizations improve their operational efficiency while keeping their budget in place. Our products are tried and tested and we are in market for more than a decade now with our budget-friendly ERP solutions. All our products are now available in SaaS

To get more info on EazyERP, the best-in-the-class ERP solution from the leading ERP Software Company in Indonesia, write to us at sales@eazyerp.com or reach us at +91 8130285552 for a quick demo and consultation.

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