Eazy ERP, Software for calculating depreciation cost

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Complete details of each asset including cost, useful life, user, location, department, cost centre, physical location, asset ID, physical ID, date of use etc can be maintained. Several other dimensions of an asset can be also be added by creating User Defined Fields.

Warranty / AMC / Insurance

Details about AMC / Warranty / Insurance are recorded for generating Alerts and Reminders for efficient Asset Maintenance.

Physical Verification

Periodical Physical Verification Report is recorded. Verification can be on the basis of Department, Location or Asset.


  • Track of all lease agreements, maintenance agreements etc.
  • Track cost center, physical location, asset ID, physical ID , date of use etc.
  • User defined fields can be added.
  • Extensive Security features.
  • Easily Accessible.
  • Web-based software.
  • Access to reports & records anywhere and anytime.

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