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'ERP SIMPLIFIED 2014' - HARIDWAR February 22, 2014

With great success to our previous two events we preceded to the holy city, Haridwar, on 22nd Feb at 'Hotel Gardenia'. The chief guest of our event was Mr. HARINDER GARG (Chairman of SIDCUL Manufacturer's Association).

Eazy ERP, for Small and Medium Businesses
Eazy ERP, ERP Software for SME India
Eazy ERP, ERP for Garments Industry

The event was at peak when all the participants/business owners started exchanging views on their pain areas such as how to manage extensive item tracking, how to handle stage wise production, how to get information of pending tasks, with Mr. Kunal Singhal, and at the same time Mr. Singhal conveyed how EAZY ERP can overcome all these point of issues.

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