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'ERP SIMPLIFIED 2014' - GURGAON January 10, 2014

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An interactive knowledge series has been started by EAZY ERP, organized by APE COMMUNICATION and it was prosperously held in Gurgaon, Ludhiana and Haridwar. The series will continue further in Baddi, Kanpur and Ahmedabad with much more success.

GURGAON - The very first step of our journey was started from Gurgaon, at Epicenter on 10th Jan where Mr. Kunal Singhal, an ERP Expert, founder & MD. , Eazy Business Solution understood the concerns of various Business owners present their and spoke about the role of ERP solution to reduce the cost & accelerate the growth of business. Mr. Raj Pathak Founder & President of APE Communication has moderated the discussion and brought the viewpoint of the Business owners particularly, SMEs.

Eazy ERP, ERP for SME gurgaon

While addressing the issues Mr Kunal Singhal said "Based on the knowledge and individually being tech savvy, I have developed the first and only ERP solution that is Tally Integrated and thus easy to implement and doesn't need to switch over. We strongly believe in the saying Time is Money.

The overall goal of this knowledge series-"ERP Simplified 2014" is to provide awareness of the role of ERP to the company owners, CFOs etc."

He believes that mostly organizations are not technology educated and are used to Tally software since ages and don't want to switch over to new software.

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Evening concluded over High tea with face to face interaction of Mr. Singhal with various Media people present in the Knowledge session.

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