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'EAZY-ERP Successfully participated in recently concluded AAHAR: New Delhi' Mar, 2017

EAZY ERP has helped some of the biggest brands in evolving their businesses through technology by automating the workflow and optimizing operational efficiency. At recently concluded events AAHAR 2017 and GULFOOD 2017 EAZY-ERP aimed at creating awareness of technology benefits for Food Processing & Packaging Companies across India & Abroad.

Majority of SMEs work either traditionally using spreadsheets and excel sheets or accounting software in the name of technology. To get SMEs to move from traditional systems to an International technology system requires huge amount of money, time and human resource. That is where customization plays it's part. EAZY-ERP is specifically designed for SMEs. Moreover, customization for food processing industry makes it even more fit to suit Indian SME Food Processing Industry.

"EAZY ERP is currently targeting the food processing and garment industry. The Unique feature of our ERP is its integration with Tally," said Kunal Singhal, MD, EAZY ERP.

Huge process changes leads to the failure of implementation of ERP due to lack of adaptation. EAZY-ERP minimizes this, which allows SMEs to have benefits of using an ERP without having to worry about huge investments of time, money etc.

a) "EAZY-ERP for Food Processing Industry" is customized as per the business processes allows smooth working of the employee and quick acceptance of the software, as workflows or processes remains the same only technology changes.

b) No need to change the business flows which means the software is implemented as per company’s requirements, not the other way round.

Our ERP Solutions are designed to address the need of various industry verticals - scaling from low and mid-sized companies to large production and manufacturing establishments.
EAZY ERP – F&B vertical is a complete software solution designed and developed to cater the specific business and regulatory needs of food and beverage industry. It rests on the solid foundation gained from experience as EAZY ERP, a leader in process ERP. Our Food ERP software has in built dynamic functionalities that provide complete control over recipe and formula, the most important and critical activity of the Food and Beverage manufacturers.
EAZY-ERP has become one of the fastest growing ERP Products designed specifically for SMEs across India. With a veritable Pan-India presence, EAZY-ERP has successfully been serving clients like MDH, Pigeon, Kamdhenu Group, Hindustan Pumps, Ujala Pumps etc. Whereas big names like SHELL , GoodYear, Interglobe Technologies, Relaxo are a few new addition to the clientele.

EAZY-ERP Successfully participated in recently concluded AAHAR
Eazy ERP, ERP for SME small and medium enterprises
Eazy ERP, ERP Software for SME india