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    ERP for small business
    Eazy ERP, ERP for SME in india
    Eazy ERP, ERP for food industry
    Eazy ERP, ERP for small business gurgaon
    Eazy ERP, ERP for Paint Industry
    Eazy ERP, ERP for manufacturing
    Eazy ERP, ERP for SME gurgaon
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  • ERP for Small Business Gurgaon
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    Eazy ERP, ERP for SME small and medium enterprises
    Eazy ERP, Tally Integrated ERP
    Eazy ERP, ERP for Furniture
    Eazy ERP, Tally Integrated ERP
    Eazy ERP, ERP for Food & Spices
    EAzy ERP, for Small and Medium Businesses
    EAZY ERP, Tally based DMS software
    Eazy ERP, Tally Integrated ERP
    Eazy ERP, ERP for SME in india
    Eazy ERP, CRM for customer care
    Eazy ERP, ERP for small business gurgaon
    Eazy ERP, ERP for food industry
    Eazy ERP, ERP for food Processing Industry
    Eazy ERP, ERP for FMCG Industry
    Eazy ERP, ERP for Food & Spices
    Eazy ERP, ERP for SME gurgaon
    Eazy ERP, Software for tracking secondary sales
  • ERP Software for SME India
    Eazy ERP, ERP Software for SME india
    Eazy ERP, for Small and Medium Businesses
    Eazy ERP, ERP for Machinery
    Access Reports in Real-Time
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  • Eazy ERP provides "Unlimited User License" and "Columnar report concept" which saves lot of money. Through centralization, the status of our entire inventory has been available across the organization helping the management become more efficient in planning and gaining a greater degree of control.We are enjoying custom-made EAZY ERP application software which is designed to address the need of our specific industry. We thank Eazy Business Solutions for making this possible and look forward to a long-term alliance.

    Viney Kohli, Director

    Eazy ERP, ERP for SME gurgaon
  • We cannot imagine our daily routine business transactions without Eazy ERP. It's the heart and lungs of our business. Manufacturing wastage is decreased by 1.5% after implementation of Eazy ERP software. Eazy ERP has helped us minimize our material holding cost. Eazy ERP has complete functionality from Customer Enquiry to Dispatches which gives growth and improves operational efficiency, as well as maintains accurate information to make better decisions. EBS provided contractual highly skilled manpower which gives us confident working on marvelous software. We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by EBS team.
    Eazy ERP, ERP for food Processing Industry
  • We liked the fact that Eazy ERP is mature software with all integrated modules - Purchase, Store, Sales, Production, Quality, Excise Records, Payroll and Tally-Integration. We need different Sales Invoice formats for customer and Excise department and Eazy ERP provided us as required which save time and eliminated duplicate data entry. We have not invested any single penny for procurement of Database license because Eazy ERP used open source & robust database. Eazy ERP is secured software where we can define roles & user-based access at module and form level. Eazy ERP is implemented in all manufacturing units of Mewar Group - Udaipur (Rajasthan). Eazy ERP really forms the foundation on which we can grow our business exponentially

    Gaurav Bhatnagar, IT In-charge

    Eazy ERP, ERP for Pipes Industry
  • We are using Eazy ERP software since 2011 in Paint Division having manufacturing units in Rajasthan, 32 Depots of Pan India and Corporate Office at Gurgaon . Eazy ERP helped us immensely in streamlining material requirement planning, timely procurement & batch production which in turn helped us with better operational transparency. We have managed to decrease inventory , while still growing the business.Scheme management is a good software module which calculates multiple periodical sales schemes in few minutes and dealers are happy because they got schemes' benefits as per company's commitment. Management takes fast decision as per market demand because Eazy ERP provided Sales Analytical data. Sales team can compare achieved sales target with actual sales achieved .Online swift sales order processing, sales invoices and Eazy ERP provided good MIS reports.Eazy ERP is a powerful Tally Integrated ERP Solution that uses Tally as an accounting module. Integration of Eazy ERP with the Tally software helps us save time and also eliminates the possibility of human error.EBS's ERP Consultants are very knowledgeable and they have always provided us good support.We consider Eazy Business Solutions as our partner than a software vendor.

    Vineet Agarwal, G.M.( Finance & Accounts)

    Eazy ERP, ERP for Paint Industry
  • Eazy ERP Software is very reliable and an excellent fit because Eazy ERP handles our business needs very well. Based on just our Inventory reduction and subsequent reduction in carrying cost, we have achieved ROI in just few months. We are using Purchase, Store, Sales, Quality, Production, Excise Records and Tally Integration modules in Eazy ERP. EBS provides good software support services.

    Vinay Bajaj, Director

    Eazy ERP, Tally Integrated ERP
  • We manufacture Car's Seat Cover and setup SME manufacturing unit in Delhi. Eazy ERP is too easy that our under graduate staff took training very easily and adopt it. Eazy ERP is helping us a lot in running our business smoothly and effectively. Finally we are able to provide excellent service to our customers with the help of Eazy ERP.

    Sachin Sethi, Proprietor

    Eazy ERP, ERP for manufacturing

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